About Sew Essential Accessories

Handcrafted Items

As a sole proprietor, my items can be found in several gift shops in the Rochester, NY area. My love for sewing all things was started by being taught by my grandmother many years ago. During the years when my children were growing up, I created dresses and personal items used for gifts. The focus has changed to allow customers to purchase a variety of items perfect for themselves or for gifting. Every item has been sewn by me or for the up-cycled items, all embellishments are placed and sewn personally. The quality of my work is what I take pride in.  

My Craft Creation Process

The materials used come from a variety of places. Vintage and up-cycled fabrics are preferred but there are items where new fabrics are used. In my travels, I have picked up fabric from Barbados as well as batik from the Caribbean. The ideas pertaining to the items sold usually stem from a request or need by a customer. You can be sure that every piece of handmade items is made with passion and creativity.

My Designs

The designs start with an idea and many times as a result of a customer request. I always create everything that is sold and enjoy knowing that customers the perfect item. Thanks to the high quality of materials and processes, the durability and integrity of my work is always evident in every piece I create.